We are the biggest exotic dancing agency in the UK.

Exotic covers pole dancing, table dancing and traditional striptease.

We currently have vacancies in fabulous clubs in London, Manchester, Wigan, Derby, Grantham

All of the clubs are high glamour and offer you the best opportunities to earn. The sky is the limit in terms of earnings. Nudity is involved, there's no club which is just topless or lingerie. Accommodation is available in Derby and Grantham for a very low rate.

If you are looking for a fun and highly active way to dramatically increase your earnings, you're looking in the right place!!

What could be better than getting fit, having fun AND earning loads??!!

You don't need any experience, but for some of the London clubs you'd need to go to a free pole lesson. What you do need to be is over 18, with good spoken English, be enthusiastic and friendly and have a desire to earn! It doesn't matter where you are from, or your height, bra size, tattoos, piercings, hair colour, etc!

To apply, you must send a short mail about yourself and your background, plus at least 2 pictures - one face and one full length. They don't need to be professional, self shot is fine. They DO need to be good enough to show your true beauty - we only take the very best looking girls!

Flexible working; work as many or as few evenings as you wish. Absolutely no experience required, all venues can provide training. Fit it around your student life, your family, a day job, whatever! You just need a will to succeed and a desire to earn.

To apply for Manchester, email;
Derby, Boston or Grantham, email;
London, email;

Exotic Performer FAQs

So, you're wondering how to become a performer at a club, and wondering what it takes to work as an exotic dancer? We want to give you the best advice possible on how to get a job with us. Over the years, we've seen dozens of women who thought becoming a performer would be the perfect escape from their everyday, boring, mundane jobs. For whatever, reason, young girls have been given the false impression that exotic dancing will solve all their financial problems, without considering the reality of becoming a performer. If your heart is set on dancing at a club, here is some simple advice on how to get a job at a strip club and keep your sanity - written by our girls for you.

Performer Basics

Performers must provide a variety of entertainment.

Pole Dancing/Stage Rotation

Most clubs will require their adult entertainers to perform on stage. Some clubs have poles, and some do not. It's a myth that you need to be a talented pole dancer to become an exotic dancer. Traditionally, performers are not paid to work on the stage, however; they are able to showcase their looks and make a few tips while performing. Most, though not all, clubs will require a degree of nudity on the stage.

Table Dances

There is a lot of mis-information out there about the differences between table dances and lap dances. At strip clubs, table dances are usually peformed at a cost around £20. The song usually lasts about 3 - 4 minutes and is performed right there at the customers table. Some clubs charge customers more or less if you dance topless or fully nude. Table dances are on the table - it's normally specially constructed to allow you to dance in the middle while the drinks are safe around you. Lap dances are in front of a guy - but strictly no touching.

Private Dances

Private Dances are nearly always performed by the performer in a sectioned off, booth-like area in a club. We only work with clubs and strip bars which are clean and safe, but make sure you know how to set some boundaries. If you find yourself giving a private dance and the customer becomes touchy, end the dance and walk away. There is no need to put yourself through the mental and physical stress of some jerk who doesn't understand the word no! The good news is that there is usually a bouncer or floor host within voice range.

VIP Rooms

If the club has a VIP room, then there is a good chance you can make a bunch of cash in a very fast amount of time. In the VIP room, you are expected to hang out with the guest (usually on a couch) for an hour.

At all of our clubs, there is a no touching policy. As far as we're concerned, the first rule in stripping is that exotic dancers are performers only! They provide fantasy and entertainment - not sex acts!

Working Fees

Strip Clubs are NOTORIOUS for over charging exotic dancers, and snatching their earnings. We carefully vet all clubs and bars we work with, we won't work with anyone who charges performers outlandish amounts.

House fee is the common term nearly every strip club designates for what girls pay on a nightly basis. Most clubs require the dancer pays a fee to the house for each shift worked.You can expect to pay as little as £15 if you work a weekday shift to £35 for weekend shifts. You should take this with you to the club - you may have to pay it before you work at some clubs.

Commission: Another expected fee is based upon both the type of dances and the amount of dances the performer performs. For example, if you peformed 15 private dances at £20 each, the club may charge you £5 for each dance. Additionally, you can expect to pay money to the club for table dances, and VIP rooms. It's not unusual for strip clubs to take a percentage of you whatever you earn; it is best to not think of how much the customer is paying, or the face value of the voucher, but instead think of the amount YOU earn from the voucher. Don't add up 20 vouchers at £20 and think about the fee, add up 20 at £15. We've seen plenty of exotic dancers go home from with just a few quid in their pockets because the club charged them for every little thing; we will never send you to such places.

Fines: In our mind's eye, exotic dancers are raked over the coals and royally screwed by some of the unethical, and truly unfair fines by strip club management. However, business is business and you should see your work as such. You should expect to be fined for missing a shift and for being late to work. If there's 10 girls on a shift, and 5 don't bother turning up and 5 are late then what would that look like from a customer's point of view? The fact that there are girls who are unreliable means all get punished.

How to Work

What to Wear: Just like the dancer pictured, we highly suggest you wear a long or short dress. (Most clubs need you to wear long dresses for some shifts, but lingerie is acceptable at other times) Believe us when we tell you that a little mystery can go an awful long way. There are plenty of girls who show up for auditions wearing sassy performer costumes; police woman, air hostess. Leave it for the stag show girls. Go to any store and purchase a gown which falls to your knees or lower - it doesn't have to be expensive, Primark is fine. You want to present a classy and lady like look for the managers and or owners who are watching you audition. Think about it for a moment. Isn't it more appealing to see a well put together girl on stage wearing a beautiful dress dance, than someone wearing an unflaterring pair of shorts and heels?

Prepare for your work: It's crucial you prepare for your strip club job, especially at the start when you will be a fresh face and need to tear guys away from their current favourites to have a dance with you. Make sure you have your hair and nails looking nice. At the very least, have a friend do your makeup and help you look your best. Exotic Dancers have the potential to make a windfall of cash in just a few hours. Wouldn't you want to improve your chances for getting it by preparing? Even if the club does not require you wear a gown, or have your hair and make up done-DO IT ANYWAY. Looking flawless and classy will not only improve your chances of getting hired, it will also increase your earning potential 10 fold! For us, nothing looks worse than an exotic dancer who does not understand her job is to provide fantasy and wears slutty looking clothing to work.

Shoes: We won't say a lot about shoes, other than to say pick a pair which are comfortable and won't trip you up. Many times we've seen girls blow out by tripping on stage. Three to four inch heels should be fine. You don't have to get 'stripper heels' or those shoes you can see through.

What to expect on the first night

Basically, when you arrive at the club, you will be escorted to the dressing room by a staff member. Usually, someone known as a house mom will have a chat with you, show you the rules and around the building. We won't tell you how to dance on stage as everyone is different, other than to say please don't start jumping around like a monkey and crawling on the floor. So many girls do this and it looks totally stupid and NOT SEXY! Keep eye-contact with a person in the audience and slowly undress. No need to start dancing all fast, or showing them your latest hip hop moves. The point is to show the guys that you can appear sensual on stage, and that you have a good body.

One thing girls constantly say is 'I can't use a pole' - nonsense. Everyone can use a pole. When you were a kid did you swing round lamposts? Walking up stairs do you hold the rail? Use it to spin onto the next flight? Of course you do. Even fat guys do! That's all you have to do at the start - use it as a prop, swing around it. You don't need upside down no hands ability.

The other advice is 'find your song' - if you're out and hear a certain song, you'll start moving. Find it, it'll make stage work easier at the start; you don't have to plan a routine so much.